Friday, January 4, 2008

Shopping Spree

The wife and I had to get some grocery shopping done today, so I'm going to stock up on several packs so I can hopefully spread out the days I actually open them up so they'll last for a good while. It's sad, really, but if I don't do this right, I'll go broke fast. And my baby girl won't have any milk when my wife's breasts run dry.

I decided on a $10 box of '07 Topps Total Football because, hey, it's
11 packs for 10 bucks! I'm a sucker for a bargain. Also got a pack of '07 Bowman Baseball Draft Picks & Prospects and a cello pack of '07 Topps Football with 22 cards, which will be a treat because it's better than some packs that have only 4 or 5. Some new ones I haven't seen too.. a pack of '07 Topps Baseball Rookies: 1952 Edition and a pack of '07-'08 Topps Stadium Club Basketball.

Today I went ahead and opened a pack of the Topps Total Football.. and was just a little disappointed because there were no cool inserts today. Sure there were 2 guaranteed rookies and I also pulled a silver parallel which is 1 of 6 packs, but the silver had a badly bent corner. I know I can't expect much from the cheapest packs out there but I like to hope.

Here's what I got:

#6 DeAngelo Hall
#68 Nate Washington
#52 Rosevelt Colvin, Mike Vrabel
#93 Reynaldo Hill, Cortland Finnegan, Bo Scaife
#221 Marty Booker [silver parallel]
#368 Derrick Mason
#417 Reggie Brown
#439 Cornelius Griffin, Rocky McIntosh
#465 Lorenzo Booker [rookie]
#525 Earl Everett [rookie]

Pack Stats:

What it cost me: $.91
Beckett NM/MT worth: $8.95
Insert odds I beat: 1 of 6 packs [silver parallel]
Most valuable card: #221 Marty Booker [silver parallel] @ $2.50

Kind of cool.. I pulled Miami's "Booker & Booker" duo from the same pack.

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Dixie said...

Love the pack stats Pack Addict!

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