Thursday, July 30, 2009

Contest results!

With a whopping two correct entries, I'll flip a coin! Joe S., you get heads. Captain Canuck, you get tails. And..... it's heads!
Better luck next time Captain. Congrats Joe S.! Email me a mailing address at and I'll ship 'em out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Score Football

I didn't know it until I opened my first pack, but I'm excited about this set. Being the true cheapskate that I am, the 7 cards for a buck retail price point really appeals to me. With tons of parallels to make things fun and even autographs, this set should be spelled "$core! 2009" for collectors who can't afford Topps or Upper Deck. I'm making this my first football set that I will build now that I'm building sets.

They are a little ugly, but the flavor of 20 year old Score football that this card brings back to me is surprisingly very tasty with not a bit of gristle! I like it!

Here's your basic base card. Fresh new design which does not bore me like all the other recent Score football sets I recall. I like that the card's colors match the team.. which is nice because I remember some pretty crazy color schemes in my 20 something year old Score baseball sets.

This one is a glossy parallel, 1 per pack. This is the one drawback for me because I really don't want to mix the glossies with the base cards when I'm building my set, even though it would be a little tempting.

I'm looking forward to finding some blasters for these which I'm sure would have a STACK for only 10 bucks.. I can't wait!

P.S. there's still time to enter my cheapskate contest 2 posts down! Only a couple of entries so far so your odds are good to score a couple of cheap cards! Contest closes 11:59 PM PST 7/29.

Monday, July 27, 2009

100th post contest!! CORRECTION!

Due to a mistake on my part.. Question #2 has been changed. So if you were stumped earlier, please take another look!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Contest for my 100th Post!

I know I probably don't get more readers in a given day than I can count on one hand, but what the hey! Hopefully I get more than 1 contestant. I went through my toploaders and came up with a couple of doubles that I could give away. Came up with a Reggie Jackson and a Mike Piazza. The cards aren't much but hopefully this can be fun and hopefully the cards are nice enough. Then I tried to come up with a link between the two players to make up a trivia question or 2!

Here's the questions:
  1. What feat did Reggie Jackson, Mike Piazza and 342 other major leaguers accomplish three times in one game? (as of 7/8/09)
  2. What 1 state is home to the team or teams both Mike Piazza and Reggie Jackson played for when they accomplished this feat.

Here's the Rules:
  1. Enter both your answers in a response to this post.
  2. Only entries posted before 11:59 PM PST Wednesday 7/29/09 will be counted.
  3. 1 entry per person. Any additional entries per person will not be counted and only the first answer will be counted.
  4. Each correct entry will be given a number in order of entry time and the numbers will be put in to for the winner.
Here's the Prize:

Thursday, July 2, 2009

1992-93 Topps Archives Basketball

You remember these right? Topps had this idea for a set to go back in time and make some rookie cards that they would have made if they were doing basketball in the 80's and early 90's. I loved it. It was the first time I saw an older set's design reused for a different sport and it peaked my interest in retro style cards which I continue to love today w/ Allen & Ginter and Heritage and such. The first retro set I remember was when in 1991, Topps reprinted 1953's set and I pulled my first Hank Aaron.. I was stoked!

So I found a seller on eBay with a bunch of these and I picked up 4 of them, mostly hoping for the Drexler and Jordan. This was the best pack of the 4 and I got both those cards and another Trail Blazer in this one pack! Yes!

Card of the Day: 2009 Upper Deck #593 Joey Votto

After I read about Joey needing to take a rest from baseball to recover from his depression and anxiety, I think I became a fan. Currently I'm also struggling to combat a lot of the same symptoms I read he was having and I felt I could relate. Plus, he is absolutely putting up some incredible numbers, especially this year.

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