Sunday, July 26, 2009

Contest for my 100th Post!

I know I probably don't get more readers in a given day than I can count on one hand, but what the hey! Hopefully I get more than 1 contestant. I went through my toploaders and came up with a couple of doubles that I could give away. Came up with a Reggie Jackson and a Mike Piazza. The cards aren't much but hopefully this can be fun and hopefully the cards are nice enough. Then I tried to come up with a link between the two players to make up a trivia question or 2!

Here's the questions:
  1. What feat did Reggie Jackson, Mike Piazza and 342 other major leaguers accomplish three times in one game? (as of 7/8/09)
  2. What 1 state is home to the team or teams both Mike Piazza and Reggie Jackson played for when they accomplished this feat.

Here's the Rules:
  1. Enter both your answers in a response to this post.
  2. Only entries posted before 11:59 PM PST Wednesday 7/29/09 will be counted.
  3. 1 entry per person. Any additional entries per person will not be counted and only the first answer will be counted.
  4. Each correct entry will be given a number in order of entry time and the numbers will be put in to for the winner.
Here's the Prize:


Joe S. said...

My guess is three homers in one game? I'll say it happened in New York, since Piazza did it against the Rockies and Reggie never played there!

Good luck to me!

Captain Canuck said...

I dunno man... 3 homers in one game is the obvious choice for me.
But Piazza did it in Colorado, and Reggie did it three times, 2 in California and one in New York.

I'm stumped.

packaddict said...

I apologize! I read some stats wrong earlier so I changed one of the questions and bumped the contest end time back a day. Joe and captain, feel free to try again! Sorry for the mixup. Also, in order to be fair to everyone, I feel I must post this: the old question #2 which had to be changed was "what state did both these players accomplish these feats in?" this question turns out to have no right answer so it has been changed. (see post above)

Joe S. said...

OK... I'll say three homers in one game... and California.

Captain Canuck said...

yeah, three homers in one game, both occured while the players were playing for teams based in California. Reggie on the Angels, Piazza on the Dodgers.

Reggie also did it a couple of times with the Yanks. Once in the World Feakin' Series in consecutive at bats. Awesome.

packaddict said...

results are up! thanks guys.

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