Thursday, October 22, 2009


Once again I'm forced to place my blog on hiatus until further notice. I'm posting this from my blackberry which, nice as they are, are not the ideal blogging tools, but right now is my only access to the interwebs. With as much as I love sharing my collecting experience on this blog, I can definitely tell you I'll be back as soon as I get the chance. That goes for this and my 1969 Topps blog. And once again, I will be updating my want and trade lists regularly, just send me a line if you're looking to swap '09 Topps, '09 Allen & Ginter, American Heritage, '08 UD X or '09 Score football.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Barter: Care of Night Owl Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about my first packs of Goodwin and pulled a nice Cory Wade auto. It quickly caught the eye of Night Owl at Night Owl Cards and we worked out a quick trade. I ended up sending him a few more Dodgers on his needs list, and he knocked off a bunch of cards off my '09 Topps and '69 Topps needs lists. Thanks night owl! I'll just highlight a few of my favorites or cards of recent playoff significance. The first one here shows Brian Fuentes in his Rockies uni. He played for the Angels this year and did a pretty good job, racking up a career high 48 saves. He's got a pretty important role for the halos right about now.

Lincecum put on another outstanding show this year. This guy maintained a 2.48 ERA and struck out 261. About the same as last year with a 2.62 ERA and 265 K's. One stat that stuck out were the walks.. only 68 this year as opposed to 84 in '08. That's experience and even more control starting to show. It's just too bad he couldn't get some post season experience under his belt this year. Maybe his Giants can pull it together next year.

We'll probably be seeing a lot of this guy in the next few weeks. Let's see if he's got what it takes to be a Yankee in the post season.

Lou's Cubbies finished 7.5 games behind the Cardinals this year. Tough competition.

Adam had an incredible year posting a 19-8 record with only a 2.63 ERA. Adam, Chris and Albert might just be unstoppable this year.

Ryan only had a .241 AVG this year, pushing him down the Rockies depth chart to the bench.

Juan had a better year this time, staying healthy and consistent.

No playoffs for Rios again, but did you know he was acquired by the White Sox a couple of months ago?

No post season for these guys either. I honestly thought they were a sure thing before their slide into disappointment.

He also sent me 10 1969 Topps cards I needed for my set. Only 9 would fit on my scanner.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Topps American Heritage American Heroes Edition - 2 Pack Break

I'm so glad Topps made a sequel to American Heritage! I love history in trading cards and the use of old Topps designs really adds to my love of these sets!

Pack 1. This one made me think as soon as I saw it. The sixth president in a "photograph"? Yes, it was what was called a "dagguereotype" which was taken in 1843. It has obviously had the color added to it since then. Very cool!

This floored me as soon as I saw it! I was super excited at the possibility of pulling a space relic from this set, but didn't have my hopes up, especially from only my second pack which was retail! Thanks to my lucky charm wife who pulled this pack out of a gravity feeder for me at the grocery store!

I love this insert set! Definitely a step up from the American Presidents inserts from the first set which are nice, but overdone and unnecessary. Also pulled #17 Charles Weltner, #99 Ralph Ellison and #111 Seneca Falls Convention. End pack 1.

While 1989 Topps wasn't the greatest looking set, it was one of the bigger sets of my childhood collection. So, these really hit home with me.

Another great insert set. I've seen this picture before though.. and it had the Yankees logo on the cap! Here it is. Now this photo is property of the Library of Congress and has no restrictions on it. Did Topps get this airbrushed photo from scanning some Post Cereal card from 1990 or something, or does Topps have to buy a licence for every set they put out and they just didn't feel like it for this set?

Another Medal of Honor insert. Also pulled #14 Claiborne Pell, #100 Carl Sagan and #120 Battle of the Bulge. End pack 2.

Looking forward to putting together the whole set with the insert sets too! Space cards rock!

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