Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 Score Football

I didn't know it until I opened my first pack, but I'm excited about this set. Being the true cheapskate that I am, the 7 cards for a buck retail price point really appeals to me. With tons of parallels to make things fun and even autographs, this set should be spelled "$core! 2009" for collectors who can't afford Topps or Upper Deck. I'm making this my first football set that I will build now that I'm building sets.

They are a little ugly, but the flavor of 20 year old Score football that this card brings back to me is surprisingly very tasty with not a bit of gristle! I like it!

Here's your basic base card. Fresh new design which does not bore me like all the other recent Score football sets I recall. I like that the card's colors match the team.. which is nice because I remember some pretty crazy color schemes in my 20 something year old Score baseball sets.

This one is a glossy parallel, 1 per pack. This is the one drawback for me because I really don't want to mix the glossies with the base cards when I'm building my set, even though it would be a little tempting.

I'm looking forward to finding some blasters for these which I'm sure would have a STACK for only 10 bucks.. I can't wait!

P.S. there's still time to enter my cheapskate contest 2 posts down! Only a couple of entries so far so your odds are good to score a couple of cheap cards! Contest closes 11:59 PM PST 7/29.

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Anonymous said...

Those some nice looking cards for a buck. Very tempted to get me a fat pack of 'em for old time's sake, in remembrance of getting 3 hits out of an '03 Score box, lol.

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