Thursday, January 24, 2008

Favorite Card of the Week [1.18.08-1.24.08]

Michael Jordan had always been a pinnacle pull when I was a kid opening my '90-'91 Hoops packs.. and that has never changed and never will. Michael Jordan will always be the best card you can pull out of any past, present or future basketball card pack. It's exciting to see more and more MJ cards come out in current sets, including autographs!

If you think you own this card, you probably don't. The one you most likely have is numbered #282 and worth just a little less than this one. This one is from Fleer's '96-'97 European set which had a few more cards in the mix, making this one numbered #312.


JP.Brouard said...

Hey there. I have some cards I'd like to value. Can you recommend a site I could check out?



packaddict said...

Sure JP! If you're trying to value a larger number of cards, I'd go to Click on your sport on the left side and find the "Archive Edition" of their price guide in a PDF file. Unfortunately they only list older sets which they don't include in their print magazine.
If you're content looking up one card at a time, go to, register with them, hover over Collecting Tools > My Collections, and look up your card. This doesn't work if you look up more than one card at a time since it will list the value of your entire collection and not each card. This is the only way to use Beckett's great database without subscribing to their online service. Beckett is in the process of redoing their entire site though, so they might fix this loophole.

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