Saturday, January 26, 2008

1997 Score Cleveland Indians

I'm a sucker for an unusual pack, in fact, that's pretty much my thing. So I picked one of these up. These packs contain 5 cards out of the 15 card Indians team set. The team set cards are like the '97 Score base set, except these have red foil on the bottom, have "Team Collection" printed on the back and are numbered "x of 15". I'm glad I pulled Brian Giles rookie since I have a few of his from the regular set and this one will stand out.

Here's what I got:

#2 Jack McDowell
#4 Dennis Martinez
#9 Sandy Alomar Jr.
#13 Jeff Kent
#15 Brian Giles [rookie]

Pack Stats:

What it cost me: $ 2.25

Beckett NM/MT worth: $3.80

Insert odds I beat: none
Most valuable card: Brian Giles [rookie] @ $2.00


--David said...

Where did you pick up this pack, and are there more? I have been trying to find these and have had a heck of a time... thanks!

packaddict said...

..and no, I don't see any more.

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