Friday, January 18, 2008

Craigslist Luck

If you're looking to expand your collection, subscribe to a "cards" search feed on craigslist, and you might come away with some great free or cheap stuff! This guy had 40 of these in his garage and he was GIVING them away! Oh snap! It was probably a blessing he didn't give me all 40, in order to be fair to everyone, or they would be the death of me, like my wife has always threatened me with. These boxes were full of cards straight out of packs.. probably looked through once and then put away. Mostly sets from '95 to '99.. but some nice cards so far. It was obvious he didn't pick out the good ones. Plus he was using unopened packs as dividers. I got 4 packs of '92 Pacific NFL and 2 '96-'97 Fleer Basketball Series 2 packs, all of which I'll be opening over the next several days for the blog of course.

I'll post an update on the best cards out of these boxes.. probably as soon as I find myself a flatbed scanner any day now.

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