Monday, January 7, 2008

2006 Seibu Lions

Alright! I didn't get home until about 8pm today, went straight to the mail box and there they were in that fun filled bubble envelope. I bought a pack of 2006 BBM (baseball magazine) Seibu Lions Japanese Baseball cards off of eBay last week. Mostly, I was hoping for a Japanese Dice-K card, but I didn't get one. I still love these cards though with those pizza advertisements on their helmets. They make a fun addition to my collection and you never know, maybe I'll see one of these guys on this side of the pond one day.

Here's what I got:

#L006 Hideaki Wakui
#L019 Minori Yamagishi
#L020 Junji Nishikawa [rookie]

#L053 Haruki Kurose
#L065 Takumi Kuriyama
#L097 Takeya Nakamura

Pack Stats:

What it cost me: $ 5.58
Beckett NM/MT worth: N/A
Insert odds I beat: N/A
Most valuable card: N/A

The only player I could find any info on was this guy, Hideaki Wakui. Last year he lead the Pacific League with 17 wins for his Lions at the age of 21.

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