Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pack Break: 2009-10 Panini Adrenalyne XL Basketball

These are new to me. I haven't even heard of them before! Wal-mart had a box of these out for 98 cents a pack! What are they? They appear to be Panini's version of Topps Attax, but for basketball. In my 5 seconds of research, it appears they've just released at least 3 other Adrenalyne soccer sets for a couple of European soccer leagues and the upcoming World Cup. And for all I know, there might be more. Bowling maybe?

There's 6 cards in the pack and that's it. The only info I could find was on the back of the box which had something about an album and playing mat. I imagine there are starter kits or something out there but Wal-mart didn't have anything else.

Just like with Topps Attax (I've only seen baseball), there are three numbers on the front which are probably used to play against your opponent's card. Offense, defense and.. star power?

Isn't that uniform sweet? I've seen the Spurs with their's too. Kinda dumb though because the english uniforms don't say The Mavs or The Spurs on them. I've also seen the Seattle Mariners with their Marineros uniforms which I found out were for a Latin appreciation day.

I like that they put rookies in the set. I don't thing Topps Attax had any rookies.

All the card backs look the same with just an activation code which must mean you could play other 9 year old kids online.

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TJ said...

It's actually not a horrible design for an insert or something. Too bad they wasted it on a game. I haven't heard of it either. I tried playing that Topps Attax game online and it was 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Maybe this one is better. Or maybe not.

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