Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Million Card Giveaway Loot

Well it took Topps a little while but they pulled through and it seems traffic to the site is manageable and major kinks are worked out. I only had 2 codes but it took me several tries to unlock them during their heavy traffic phase.

My first one was a huge letdown. A 1990 Doug Rader MGR card. The worst of the worst. My second was decent though, and if I end up shipping cards to myself, I'd pay the 50 cents per extra card for this one. A 1987 Ryne Sandberg. I've already offered it up for trade through the respective hoops for any Darryl Strawberry or Ichiro that I don't own yet.

I'm looking forward to unlocking more in the future. It seems the odds are a tad better for cards from the 70's and even the 60's than I had expected.

Oh, and a reminder, don't forget to enter my contest! Entries are due at 1 minute after midnight on Thursday morning Pacific Standard Time.


Not more than a couple of hours after I posted some trade offers for the Sandberg, a new Strawberry was waiting for me when I logged in again. The 1993 was probably my last choice for a Strawberry, but I still needed it. Now, hopefully someone will want the Doug Rader, right?

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