Sunday, February 14, 2010

Box Break: 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Baseball Hobby

Yes, I picked Piece of History for my first modern box break since my return to this hobby. I'm really drawn to this set and I guess I'm one of few. I absolutely love the card design, the numbered parallels and the numbered inserts. The Historical Moments subset could have been done better but it has it's moments (historical moments).

The 16 pack box gave me 88 of the 200 card base set if I remember correctly. I pulled 1 Hollywood relic, an auto, a jersey and a ton of serial numbered beauties.

Up above are a few of my favorite base cards. The first half of the set from #1 to #100 are star cards.

Here's a few of the rookies I pulled. There are 50 rookies in the base from #101 to #150.

#'s 151 to 200 finish the set with the Historical Moments subset. These are some of the good ones...

...and some of the bad ones. I now own a turkey dinner trading card.

Here's the dreaded 20th Anniversary cards. I really made out extremely well with this box. 7 of 8 were sports related and the 8th wasn't a sheep or a virus!

Blue and green #'d parallels, and the Timeless Moments set. Check out the Lowell.. #'d 01 of 75!

Some more #'d inserts.

The auto..
The jersey..

And the Mike Meyers Goldmember costume card. I'm happy with this one.. my wife got a kick out of it. Im just glad it wasn't a redemption..

Once again, my set needs have been posted, and since I had purchased 2 packs of this stuff before the box, I have like 2 doubles up on my for trade list!


Field of Cards said...

Ah! I like this set too.

There are definitely too many non baseball cards for me, but the set itself, and the inserts, are cool moe dee.

Nice Lowell pull!


What he (Field of Cards) said !!
I'm looking for any Tribe members and I do have some others to trade if you are interested!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think Piece of History rhymes with Piece of Sh*t. Which this set is.

night owl said...

Ah, I sent your cards already. Otherwise I could have included the few PoH cards I have. Not a fan.

chris OK said...

Is the Longoria and Price available for trade? I got five Ichiros for you

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