Friday, February 5, 2010

Box Break: 1993 Action Packed All-Star Gallery Baseball, Extras For Trade!

I've been looking to buy a box of Action Packed for a long time now. And back in December, Kruk Cards was having a sale on some of their eBay auctions and it was 30% off of an already cheap price, so I bit! I love what I got too.

All of the Action Packed brand cards that I've ever seen were made the same patented way. 1 piece of card stock folded over and the ends meet in the middle of the back of the card. The player image on the front is raised, just like I've seen on Topps Embossed from the 1990's. Because of the way they're made, it's pretty hard to find even pack fresh cards that would grade a 10. Most of them have a little foil blemish, or a bit of white showing on the black rounded edges. So keep that in mind if you're wanting any of these.

7 cards per pack. 24 packs per box. 24-karat leaf cards randomly inserted (I pulled one). I got really close to 2 full sets. So after the 1st set and keeping 1 of each extra hall-of-famer for my hall of famer collection, that leaves me with quite a few doubles. These cards are cheap so hit me up if you want anything. I'll even trade 1-for-1 for anything on my set needs list. Whatever. Here's a list of what I've got available with the team they're representing for you team collectors:

3 Bob Gibson [stl] pictured
11 George Kell [det] pictured
19 Vern Law [pit]
20 Virgil Trucks [det] pictured
21 Mel Parnell [bos]
22 Wally Moon [stl]
23 Gene Woodling [nyy]
25 Mark Fidrych [det]
26 Elroy Face [pit] pictured
28 Dick Groat [phi] X2
29 Cesar Cedeno [hou]
30 Bob Horner [atl] X2
33 Gil McDougald [nyy]
34 Roy White [nyy] X2
35 Bill Skowron [nyy]
36 Mickey Lolich [det]
37 Minnie Minoso [chw] X2
38 Billy Pierce [chc]
39 Ron Santo [chc] pictured
40 Sal Bando [oak]
41 Ralph Branca [br. dodgs]
42 Bert Campaneris [oak]
43 Joe Garagiola [stl?]
45 Frankie Crosetti [nyy]
47 Maury Wills [lad]
48 Sam McDowell [cle]
49 Jimmy Piersall [bos]
50 Jim Lonborg [bos]
51 Don Newcombe [br dodgs]
53 Wilbur Wood [chw]
54 Carl Erskine [br dodgs] pictured
55 Chris Chambliss [nyy]
56 Dave Kingman [nym]
58 Bud Harrelson [nym]
59 Clem Labine [br dodgs] X3 X2
60 Tony Oliva [min]
61 George Foster [cin]
62 Bobby Bonds [sfg]
63 Harvey Haddix [pit]
64 Steve Garvey [lad] pictured
65 Rocky Colavito [cle] X2
68 Al Oliver [mon]
70 Al Rosen [cle]
72 Curt Flood [stl]
73 Willie Horton [det]
74 Rico Carty [cle]
75 Davey Johnson [atl] X2 pictured
76 Dave Kessinger [chc]
78 Bobby Shantz [phi a's or kc a's]
79 Herb Score [cle]
80 Boog Powell [bal] pictured
81 Rusty Staub [nym]
82 Bill Madlock [pit]
83 Manny Mota [lad]
84 Bill White [stl]
All from this scan are on the list above.

Here's an example of the back. I had always thought Garvey was in the hall until just recently!

And finally, we have the 24K gold foil insert. Not too much of a difference from the base set except the card number on the back is 12"G" and the foil on the front is... pure gold! I like this one so it would be tough for me to trade it away.


night owl said...

I would take any of the Dodgers. I don't have an Action Packed cards for you. I'd have to find something else of your want lists.

packaddict said...

Got any Dodger Darryl Strawberry doubles to trade that I don't have?

night owl said...

I'll check and let you know.

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