Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pack Break X3: 2008 Upper Deck SP Baseball

I got these as freebies thrown into my order at Dave & Adam's Card World a while back. I had bought a pack of these once before and I did like the crisp, clean design to them.

Pack 1: A lot of great Upper Deck products had a huge personal asterisk on them for me... Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. I'll keep 'em if they fall into my Hall of Famer collection or my star player collection.. but a lot of them, like this one, just have no home with me.

Marquee Matchups, two random players with stats on the 9 times they've faced each other and more stats on other lefties or righties they've faced. Booo.

This pack reminds me of most Donruss / Panini packs I've opened, as in there's no insert whatsoever. Oh well. I still like the base set and at least one of the insert sets that I didn't get from these packs. If I had any 20's left after I used them all to get my fireplace going, I would try to put together this set, but I don't see that happening.

The only card I'm set on keeping is the Rollins. All others are up for trade.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pack Break: 2010 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Series 5

Finally, something new at the local Freddy's store! I usually try most non-sports cards that I have the slightest interest in their subject matter at least once. I came away with a pretty nice pull and unexpectedly knocked something off one of my 2010 goals!

Darth Vader is always a welcome card and a hot redhead in black leather named Mara Jade is even more welcome.

This is an original sketch card of Princess Leia drawn by artist Denise Vasquez. Not quite what I was hoping when I made pulling my first 1 of 1 one of my goals for this year, but I'll take it! Looking at some others on eBay, there are some really nice ones out there that make this one look like a first grader's sketch, and some of them sell for a quite a lot. I'm just going flip it on Ebay to get what I can for it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Darryl Strawberry, Celebrity Apprentice Episode 3


Well that was unexpected. I can't help but be a little mad at Darryl for throwing himself under the bus like that in the spirit of being a team player. BS. Darryl just didn't want to be there anymore and he found a way out. Darryl is a great guy but from what I saw, he let his charity down and his fans down, big-time, and got himself fired. At least I don't have to keep watching the show anymore. Thanks Darryl.

Barter: Care of Chris OK

Here's the first of hopefully several long overdue trade posts! This one finished up about 2 weeks ago. Chris over at Budget Baseball Cardboarding offered up some cards on my needs lists and some Ichiros for a couple of Longorias he spotted on my blog.

At the rate I'm going, I think I'll have 2010 Topps Series 1 finished before Series 1 2009. Weird.

Chris surprised me by throwing in a bonus card, and wow! This is sweet!

Thanks so much Chris! These are all great additions!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

State of the Blog Address

Fellow bloggers and esteemed search engine users, lend me your ear. 2 score and a few days ago, I began a new era of employment which has brought much prosperity to our family and friends. Debts have been paid, tasks have been completed and children have been fed. The sweet taste of success left a burning desire in our home for even more prosperity and happiness. This, along with the oncome of a great opportunity for our family, led me into the services of a second employer. Now a great lesson has been learned that with prosperity comes great hardship which cannot be used towards the cause of blogging. And with that comes the inevitable realization that a choice between the two employers must be made. But until certain things come to pass that are beyond my control, we must excercise patience during this period of uncertainty. Until then, the blog may suffer. Trading between fellow collectors may suffer. COLLECTING may suffer most of all! I urge you to not lose hope, as all things will come to pass. All trades set in motion are still in motion and will continue to move until the task at hand is completed. The system is still working. Have faith and God bless.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Darryl Strawberry, The Next Celebrity Apprentice? Episode 1


Today was the big season debut of the newest run of Celebrity Apprentice with some very entertaining celeb contestants this season, most notably Darryl Strawberry, who will hopefully come away a win. Some of the other celebs to look out for are Bill Goldberg, Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Rod Blagojevich and Cyndi Lauper all of who seemed to take up 95% of the camera time from the other 9 contestants who, if you're not specifically looking for them, you might not notice.

Darryl had it pretty easy this round as he didn't get shoved into the spotlight or forced to make any decisions. And his team came away with a demanding victory without much drama. Everybody on both sides just loved everyone else and there were no major cat-fights or cuss-fests. In fact, Trump literally raised the most eyebrows trying to get some answers as to who the celebs thought should get fired!

So, yes, we do get an episode 2 of Darryl in Celebrity Apprentice! Same day, same time, next week! 13 contestants left.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

eBay Loot!

I got the top 3 Goudey 4-in-1's for my Ichiro collection, but I guess if I ever wanted to build a Sizemore collection they could go in that too. Weird.

The Eddie George comes from the Photo Engravings insert set in Pacific's 1997 Philadelphia effort. I got it simply because I liked the idea behind the design. I'm a fan of old-time photographs. Now that I've actually got one in my hands, it could have been done a lot better if the cards were super thick instead of almost paper thin, and an all sepia front instead of all the color.

The Colts card is my first white refractor. It was super cheap and will go into my serial numbered collection. These are #'d to 869. Any significance behind that number?

The Honus Wagner comes from an insert set in 2007 Upper Deck. I was completely unaware of these inserts back on '07. I found out about them recently and I want to eventually collect them all. This is my first.

As for the Zach Randolph, I've never been a big fan of the Turkey Red sets for some reason, but the parallels have become some of my favorites!

The Clyde Parris mini is a very welcome addiction to my collection. Back in January I decided that the Parris Allen & Ginter was my favorite base card of 2009, so over time I'll be picking up as many parallels as I can.

And another shiny Elite card that caught my eye, this one with 3 legendary Dodgers on it. These are #'d to 1500 and will go into my serial numbered collection.

These Pinini Threads jersey cards are so freakin' cool!

The Brooks Robinson is from the 2001 Topps Archives Reserve set. I'm slowly putting together the set. I just ripped a pack of these and will post the results pretty soon.

I liked the design of the Yaz with the sepia photo and I'm glad they kept the Red Sox logo full color. It looks great. These are #'d to 1989 and will also go into my serial #'d collection.

Another Ichiro, this one from the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview set.

The card design on this Brandon Roy jersey card triggered something in me that made me have to own it! I love how it looks like a playing card. The jersey was used in a T-Mobile Rookie Challenge.

I used the Roy card to show just how big these 1976-77 Topps cards really are! I always thought they were a little tall but these are huge! Very cool.

And finally we have the Japanese variation of Ichiro's '07 Topps Chrome. This might be my favorite Ichiro.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The Celebrity Apprentice: Darryl Strawberry

As many of you already know, and are probably tired of hearing about it, I am a big Darryl Strawberry fan. Also, if you didn't already know, Darryl is scheduled to be a contestant on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump starting Sunday 3/14 at 9/8c! If you've ever watched the show before, 2 major components are New York City and fundraising for charity. Both of these are right up Strawberry's alley and Darryl is counting on New York support to come through for him and his charity, The Darryl Strawberry Foundation, big time!

I plan on tuning in and cheering him on, even though 9pm is during my "work" time when I'm supposed to be monitoring 2 laptops for my "job". So I might get distracted at times but I plan on posting a recap as well as I can right here on this here blog every night after the show, until Darryl is fired or he wins.

Pack Break: 2010 Topps UFC Main Event

I've been mildly following the UFC for a few years now ever since my brother-in-law started inviting me and the wife over to their UFC fight night every few months. The first main event fight I saw was UFC 60 when Matt Hughes defeated the legend Hoyce Gracie by TKO. The most memorable moment had to be when Hughes had Gracie in a horrible arm lock, and Gracie, with a face of stone, just refused to tap out, even if it meant a broken arm. I guess Hughes decided not to break the arm and he ended up winning anyways by TKO. Honestly, if he did break the arm, I don't know if I would have kept watching UFC fights. Eesh.

Here's what the base cards look like. They don't scan very well because they're all foils.

Some more base cards. Notice the Torres doesn't say UFC but instead WEC. I don't know what that is, maybe some lesser league owned by the UFC.

I pulled one of the fight poster inserts featuring UFC 34 which looks great.

I don't plan on putting a base set together, but apparently there's a propaganda insert set just like the one put into '09 Updates & Highlights Baseball and I think I'll be chasing those. I'd love to trade for them if anyone has any.

Future pack breaks:
  • 2001 Topps Archives Reserve
  • 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Basketball x2
  • 2008 Upper Deck SP Baseball x3
  • 2010 Topps Attax Baseball x2
Feel free to let me know which one you'd like to see next.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barter Scans

I'm beginning to feel the pressure of having more than one trade in progress at any given time. It is intense. I know I've been asking for it but, it's intense! I still have a family and a life outside of collecting and they just won't be ignored. But you guys can count on me. When I have to choose between postage and a meal, I will gladly choose postage because postage means getting cards in return. And I've skipped plenty of meals for cards, sometimes without even realizing it. In fact, just today, I started to lose my sight because I forgot to eat lunch.

This first trade comes from dgreen1899 from Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid. He's got quite an extensive want list, so if you've got any Phillies, Orioles, Ravens, Cowboys or Eagles to trade, head over and he will hook you up!

Initially, the trade was just for some Strawberrys. But things kindof got out of hand...

...He also threw in some surprise Ichiros which are pretty sweet. I've had my eye on the Japanese Topps Trading Card History card up above and I would have eventually paid real American money for it.

The jersey card was also unexpected! Wow! This is actually my first Strawberry jersey card. I didn't even realize that until this trade came in. Thanks D for a great and generous trade!

Next up are a couple of small trades, but of course hugely appreciated. These came from dogfacedgremlin from The Real DFG. He offered to send these over and didn't even ask for anything in return so I've been trying to find all of my Penguins cards to return the favor. Thanks DFG!

And last but not least, Flywheels from Cardboard Collections sent these over for just one card he spotted from a pack of Topps Platinum Football I opened up. My '09 set is really coming together.. 5 of these 9 cards finished an album page so these were really some thrillers for me! Thanks Flywheels!

Friday, March 5, 2010

3 Pack Break: 2010 Topps Opening Day Baseball

First, lets study the subtle differences behind the base set (on left) and Opening Day (on right). As you can see, the only major difference is the lack of foil and the Opening Day logo. Unlike previous Opening Day releases, the borders are the same color. That's one thing I didn't like.

Here's some more of the base cards.

3 packs worth of inserts. The Rolen is Opening Day's version of Topps Gold and are also numbered to 2010. That and the addition of unique Topps Attax inserts into this years set are a couple of big pluses.

The day that I bought these packs I realized that there was no 2009 Opening Day set! Since they skipped last year, I think they should have started fresh with what they're trying to do here, appeal to the kids. Maybe release a set of Topps MLB Marbles.. or Topps MLB Bicycle Spoke Cards. Topps SD Chip Cards?

Oh yeah, the Teixeira code is there for whoever wants it.

Future pack breaks:
  • 2001 Topps Archives Reserve
  • 2007-08 Fleer Ultra Basketball x2
  • 2008 Upper Deck SP Baseball x3
  • 2010 Topps Attax Baseball x2
Feel free to let me know which one you'd like to see next.

eBay Selling Success

I recently purchased a Panini Adrenalyn XL NBA starter kit, 1 for me and 1 for my wife. I have a thing for sports related collectible card games, and she likes to play me. We played a ton of games of MLB Showdown years ago when we first started dating. I think she just likes to spend time with me. Anyways, the kits come with 4 packs, a playing mat and an album to put the cards in. Its funny how 23 years after I bought my last album from panini, a baseball sticker album, they've come around and now sold me another. So, I opened my 4 packs and I pulled the rarest version of the Lebron James card. I was curious and tried looking it up on eBay. They had none for sale and none previously sold. And the less rare varieties were selling very well. So I threw it on eBay for $.99 knowing it would get tons of bids, hoping to net 20 bucks. Check out how much it sold for:

LeBron James Panini Adrenalyn XL ELITE

I was stunned! And I feel very lucky to have pulled it out of a 99 cent pack! Woohoo!

By the way, the game is pretty fun, if you have someone to enjoy it with of course.

Ichiro Collection

Updated 4/5/10

This is a list of all the Ichiro cards in my collection. If you have anything not on this list, I'd be willing to trade for it! Also, a good number of cards on this list have a link to a scan if you're curious what they look like.

Blue Means Pending
  1. 2001 SP Authentic Stars of Japan #RS5 W/ H. Nomo
  2. 2002 Donruss Originals #273
  3. 2002 Donruss Originals #352
  4. 2002 Fleer Tradition #487
  5. 2002 Topps All-World Team #AW-1
  6. 2002 Topps Topps Ten #102
  7. 2002 Topps Topps Ten #122
  8. 2002 Upper Deck #726
  9. 2002 Upper Deck A Piece of History #13
  10. 2002 Upper Deck Ballpark Idols #199 CL
  11. 2002 Upper Deck Vintage #50
  12. 2002 Upper Deck Vintage #271
  13. 2002 Upper Deck Vintage Sandlot Stars #SS3
  14. 2004 Fleer Hot Prospects Draft Edition #42
  15. 2004 Fleer Ultra #40
  16. 2004 Upper Deck #67
  17. 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Framed Red #202
  18. 2005 Fleer Showcase #80
  19. 2005 Fleer Ultra #137
  20. 2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #36
  21. 2005 Topps #334 "Season Hightlights
  22. 2005 Topps Cracker Jack #125
  23. 2005 Topps Heritage #7a
  24. 2005 Topps Heritage New Age Performers #NAP3
  25. 2005 Upper Deck #456 Bound for Glory
  26. 2005 Upper Deck #495 CL
  27. 2005 Upper Deck Reflections #11
  28. 2006 Fleer Tradition #86
  29. 2006 Topps #250 "Rawlings Gold Glove Award"
  30. 2006 Topps Chrome #260
  31. 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week #13
  32. 2006 Topps Stars #TS-IS
  33. 2007 Bowman #75
  34. 2007 Topps Chrome #158a
  35. 2007 Topps Chrome #158b Japanese
  36. 2007 Topps Heritage #489
  37. 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones #7 Eight Doubles 083/150
  38. 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones Black #7 Six Doubles 13/29
  39. 2007 Turkey Red #15
  40. 2007 Upper Deck #939
  41. 2007 Upper Deck First Edition #137
  42. 2007 Upper Deck First Edition Leading Off #LO-IS
  43. 2007 Upper Deck Goudey #227
  44. 2008 Allen & Ginter Mini Black #250
  45. 2008 Bowman Chrome #176
  46. 2008 Goudey #165
  47. 2008 SP Legendary Cuts #4
  48. 2008 Topps #15 AL Batting Average Leaders W/ M. Ordonez & P. Polanco
  49. 2008 Topps #320
  50. 2008 Topps Co-Signers #55
  51. 2008 Topps Dick Perez #WMDP9
  52. 2008 Topps Heritage #16 GB SP
  53. 2008 Topps Heritage #373 Baseball Thrills
  54. 2008 Topps Heritage T205 Mini #HTCP11
  55. 2008 Topps Opening Day Flapper Cards #FC-IS
  56. 2008 Topps Stars #TS7
  57. 2008 Topps Target #TCP11
  58. 2008 Topps Trading Card History #TCH24
  59. 2008 Topps Update World Baseball Classic Preview #WBC10
  60. 2008 Upper Deck #364
  61. 2008 Upper Deck #787
  62. 2008 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #UD48
  63. 2008 Upper Deck A Piece of History Franchise History Red #FH-46 021/149
  64. 2008 Upper Deck Authentic SP Authentic Achievements #AA-28
  65. 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #152
  66. 2008 Upper Deck Documentary #550
  67. 2008 Upper Deck Documentary #2941
  68. 2008 Upper Deck Documentary #3433
  69. 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Star Quest #SQ-1
  70. 2008 Upper Deck Hot Commodities #HC21
  71. 2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #81
  72. 2008 Upper Deck Timeline Baseball #167
  73. 2008 Upper Deck X #87
  74. 2008 Upper Deck X Xponential 3 #X3-IS
  75. 2008 Upper Deck X Xponential 4 #X4-IS
  76. 2009 Bowman #10
  77. 2009 Bowman Blue #10
  78. 2009 Bowman Gold #10
  79. 2009 Goodwin Champions #69
  80. 2009 Goudey 4-in-1 #8 W/ B. Robinson, J. Hamilton, G. Sizemore
  81. 2009 Goudey 4-in-1 #63 W/ G. Sizemore, B.J. Upton, T. Hunter
  82. 2009 Goudey 4-in-1 #81 W/ C. Lee, G. Sizemore, F. Hernandez
  83. 2009 O-Pee-Chee #544
  84. 2009 O-Pee-Chee Black #275
  85. 2009 O-Pee-Chee The Award Show #AW17
  86. 2009 Topps Heritage #326
  87. 2009 Topps Heritage #493 AS SP
  88. 2009 Topps Legends of the Game #LG-IS
  89. 2009 Topps Target Gray-Back #300
  90. 2009 Topps Ticket to ToppsTown #TTT16
  91. 2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR96
  92. 2009 Topps Unique Red #125 0688/1199
  93. 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights #UH153
  94. 2009 Topps Updates & Highlights Propaganda #PP14
  95. 2009 Topps Wal-Mart Dark #300
  96. 2009 Upper Deck #333
  97. 2009 Upper Deck X #80
  98. 2010 Topps #125
  99. 2010 Topps Legends Gold Chrome Target Cereal #GC3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blogger Issues?

Is anyone else having problems connecting to anything blogger.com related? I haven't been able to update my blog or even view any blogger blogs for something like 2 days. I'm pretty sure it's my ISP but I just want to know if anyone else is having this same problem.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Great Orioles Autograph Project Contest

Think you know your spring training? Are you the kind of person who puts it all on (random number) and wins every time? Then you can win this contest! Click here to check it out!

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