Sunday, March 14, 2010

Darryl Strawberry, The Next Celebrity Apprentice? Episode 1


Today was the big season debut of the newest run of Celebrity Apprentice with some very entertaining celeb contestants this season, most notably Darryl Strawberry, who will hopefully come away a win. Some of the other celebs to look out for are Bill Goldberg, Bret Michaels, Sharon Osbourne, Rod Blagojevich and Cyndi Lauper all of who seemed to take up 95% of the camera time from the other 9 contestants who, if you're not specifically looking for them, you might not notice.

Darryl had it pretty easy this round as he didn't get shoved into the spotlight or forced to make any decisions. And his team came away with a demanding victory without much drama. Everybody on both sides just loved everyone else and there were no major cat-fights or cuss-fests. In fact, Trump literally raised the most eyebrows trying to get some answers as to who the celebs thought should get fired!

So, yes, we do get an episode 2 of Darryl in Celebrity Apprentice! Same day, same time, next week! 13 contestants left.


Field of Cards said...

I was impressed with Strawman. He was much more assertive than I expected.

The guys are gonna own the girls early on unless they have some specific girl type advantage challenge like a fashion show.

packaddict said...

I agree. The only "achilles' heel" to the men's team I see is the ex-governor. He might clash with the guys during tough times and it could be their undoing. I'm surprised the women didn't select him for project manager. The rest of the men seem to be "Rock Solid"!

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