Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pack Break X3: 2008 Upper Deck SP Baseball

I got these as freebies thrown into my order at Dave & Adam's Card World a while back. I had bought a pack of these once before and I did like the crisp, clean design to them.

Pack 1: A lot of great Upper Deck products had a huge personal asterisk on them for me... Yankee Stadium Legacy cards. I'll keep 'em if they fall into my Hall of Famer collection or my star player collection.. but a lot of them, like this one, just have no home with me.

Marquee Matchups, two random players with stats on the 9 times they've faced each other and more stats on other lefties or righties they've faced. Booo.

This pack reminds me of most Donruss / Panini packs I've opened, as in there's no insert whatsoever. Oh well. I still like the base set and at least one of the insert sets that I didn't get from these packs. If I had any 20's left after I used them all to get my fireplace going, I would try to put together this set, but I don't see that happening.

The only card I'm set on keeping is the Rollins. All others are up for trade.

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John said...

Bad News for Ebay Sellers.

Today was the first day of free postings under 99 cents on ebay (up to 100 a month - up from 5).
Yesterday there were 207,000 Topps cards listed for sale. Today there is 1.5 Million listings for Topps cards.

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