Wednesday, March 10, 2010

eBay Loot!

I got the top 3 Goudey 4-in-1's for my Ichiro collection, but I guess if I ever wanted to build a Sizemore collection they could go in that too. Weird.

The Eddie George comes from the Photo Engravings insert set in Pacific's 1997 Philadelphia effort. I got it simply because I liked the idea behind the design. I'm a fan of old-time photographs. Now that I've actually got one in my hands, it could have been done a lot better if the cards were super thick instead of almost paper thin, and an all sepia front instead of all the color.

The Colts card is my first white refractor. It was super cheap and will go into my serial numbered collection. These are #'d to 869. Any significance behind that number?

The Honus Wagner comes from an insert set in 2007 Upper Deck. I was completely unaware of these inserts back on '07. I found out about them recently and I want to eventually collect them all. This is my first.

As for the Zach Randolph, I've never been a big fan of the Turkey Red sets for some reason, but the parallels have become some of my favorites!

The Clyde Parris mini is a very welcome addiction to my collection. Back in January I decided that the Parris Allen & Ginter was my favorite base card of 2009, so over time I'll be picking up as many parallels as I can.

And another shiny Elite card that caught my eye, this one with 3 legendary Dodgers on it. These are #'d to 1500 and will go into my serial numbered collection.

These Pinini Threads jersey cards are so freakin' cool!

The Brooks Robinson is from the 2001 Topps Archives Reserve set. I'm slowly putting together the set. I just ripped a pack of these and will post the results pretty soon.

I liked the design of the Yaz with the sepia photo and I'm glad they kept the Red Sox logo full color. It looks great. These are #'d to 1989 and will also go into my serial #'d collection.

Another Ichiro, this one from the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview set.

The card design on this Brandon Roy jersey card triggered something in me that made me have to own it! I love how it looks like a playing card. The jersey was used in a T-Mobile Rookie Challenge.

I used the Roy card to show just how big these 1976-77 Topps cards really are! I always thought they were a little tall but these are huge! Very cool.

And finally we have the Japanese variation of Ichiro's '07 Topps Chrome. This might be my favorite Ichiro.


flywheels said...

That is a nice Japanese Ichiro card...haven't seen that before.

unclemoe said...

Nice Ichiro.


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