Sunday, March 7, 2010

Barter Scans

I'm beginning to feel the pressure of having more than one trade in progress at any given time. It is intense. I know I've been asking for it but, it's intense! I still have a family and a life outside of collecting and they just won't be ignored. But you guys can count on me. When I have to choose between postage and a meal, I will gladly choose postage because postage means getting cards in return. And I've skipped plenty of meals for cards, sometimes without even realizing it. In fact, just today, I started to lose my sight because I forgot to eat lunch.

This first trade comes from dgreen1899 from Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid. He's got quite an extensive want list, so if you've got any Phillies, Orioles, Ravens, Cowboys or Eagles to trade, head over and he will hook you up!

Initially, the trade was just for some Strawberrys. But things kindof got out of hand...

...He also threw in some surprise Ichiros which are pretty sweet. I've had my eye on the Japanese Topps Trading Card History card up above and I would have eventually paid real American money for it.

The jersey card was also unexpected! Wow! This is actually my first Strawberry jersey card. I didn't even realize that until this trade came in. Thanks D for a great and generous trade!

Next up are a couple of small trades, but of course hugely appreciated. These came from dogfacedgremlin from The Real DFG. He offered to send these over and didn't even ask for anything in return so I've been trying to find all of my Penguins cards to return the favor. Thanks DFG!

And last but not least, Flywheels from Cardboard Collections sent these over for just one card he spotted from a pack of Topps Platinum Football I opened up. My '09 set is really coming together.. 5 of these 9 cards finished an album page so these were really some thrillers for me! Thanks Flywheels!


dogfacedgremlin said...

Don't sweat it my friend. I just wish I had more to send you.

Rod said...

Hey some of us Oregonian bloggers are going to the card show at Jantzen Beach next Saturday, would you be interested in meeting up with us.

Play at the Plate said...

I get too many trades going ALL the time. Sometimes it's hard to keep it all straight. Thankfully, most bloggers are patient people.

packaddict said...

Rod, yeah that would be great! Email me with the details.

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