Sunday, August 16, 2009

Loot: Care of Stats on the Back

Last month, Mark over at Stats on the Back generously gave away thousands and thousands of cards to dozens of collectors. Everyone had their own wants and needs, and Mark even found some cards that I wanted. He sent me a stack of Strawberry, most of which I didn't have yet since my collection is still young. He also sent over several Trail Blazers cards, which is the only team collection I have, from any sport. And to top it off, he included a 1969 Topps card to go towards my set I'm putting together. Sweet 40 year old card. Check it out here on my other blog. Even though Mark really doesn't expect anything in return, I'm sure most of us had no problem expressing our gratitude by returning the favor by sending something back. I never seem to have more than a few cards off of people's want list, but I managed to find some needs for his Allen & Ginter collection and Hall of Famer collection. Thanks Mark!

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