Friday, August 21, 2009

Bounty: Care of Sports Locker and Trader Crack's Card Blog

JRJ over at the Sports Locker blog help a little contest a few weeks ago giving away some things he picked up while at The National. I happened to win the nice promo card featuring an all new vintage themed minor league set from TriStar!

He also sent this Score football card which he also got at The National. This is sweet because I'm actually putting together this set. This one surprised me though because I can't find anything anywhere about an "Atomic" parallel. I'm guessing Atomic = Promo?

This one I won from a contest at Trader Crack's Card Blog. This card brings many firsts to my collection. My first cut sig. My first Razor card. This card came from a pack that probably costs more than I make in a day, which will probably be a first and last! Who knew that cards can come out of a pack already slabbed!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Ryan was extremely generous and sent over a couple of team bags full of cards off of my want list! Thanks Ryan! I'd be happy to return the favor and have already gathered a few from your lists.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I'm gonna have to check out those Obak cards. That's nice!

packaddict said...

Looks like they will be limited to 150 cases. Very nice looking set with great parallels and awesome hits!

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