Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Baseball Card of the Year: 1st Nomination

This idea is being done on other blogs, but I can't resist doing it myself. I'll be posting my favorites throughout the rest of the year as I acquire more cards. Only cards that I own and only base cards will be chosen. I don't know yet how I'll pick the winner. Either a poll or I'll just pick it myself.

When I first saw this card, it instantly became one of my favorites. This is Topps #559 featuring Esteban German. The cool green grass, the baby blue uniform, the shimmering LED outfield wall in the background.There's a reason the photo guy at Topps didn't crop into this photo too much because he must have felt the same way. I know you've heard it before elsewhere, and I'll say it too. I can't express enough how nice it is to have some really great baseball photography on this years Topps set. Well done!

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Anonymous said...

"German drifts back, oh! he lost it in the sun, he picks it up again and the asterisk settles into his glove for the first out of the frame..."

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