Saturday, August 8, 2009

1992 TNTL 1919 Black Sox Team Set Reprint

Wow. I scanned these in over a month ago and forgot all about 'em. This is a cool little set. I picked it up off of ebay when searching for the cheapest "buy it now" boxes, and someone had a bunch of these for like a buck-fifty! The 2" by 3" deck of cards features the historic "Black Socks" team that threw the World Series! Beckett lists these as "1992 Manning 1919 Black Sox Reprints". On the bottom of the box it says, "TNTL Studios, Toms River, NJ". Did this company produce any other sets? Nothing more on Beckett...

Most of the cards in the set feature a plain black and white cutout picture with a white, borderless background and a blank back.
The cards with the black border feature the players which were banned from baseball. The backs tell their individual stories.

Buck Weaver tallied a .324 AVG with 11 hits in the series, which supported his claims that he had nothing to do with the fix. He was still banned in the end for knowing about the fix, but failing to tell officials.

Williams went 0-3 with a 6.63 ERA in the series.

This is the only color card in the set which is just like the other Shoeless Joe, but with grass and corn. After he started playing with two shoes again, Joe had a cane fashioned to look just like a bat that he took everywhere with him.

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