Thursday, January 1, 2009

2003 Upper Deck Standing "O" Baseball

This 4 card pack came up with a couple of favorite pulls out of my latest stack of packs. Ever since I first saw this set back last year when I started collecting, I wanted some of those die cuts! For some reason, they always looked bigger to me in pictures, these cards are tiny!

This Hideki rookie card is the most valuable card in the set!

Here's what I got:

#9 Chipper Jones
#17 Kerry Wood
#115 Hideki Matsui [World Premieres]
#S-30 Roy Oswalt [Die Cut]

What it cost me: $ 1.50
Beckett max worth: $12.05

Insert odds I beat: 1:4 [World Premiers SP]
Most valuable card: #115 Hideki Matsui [World Premieres] @ $10.00

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