Saturday, January 3, 2009

1990-91 Clemson Collegiate Collection

This is the second time I've found myself buying packs of these Collegiate Collection cards from 1990, the first ones from UCLA, and these from Clemson. They have some great oddball cards of stars from almost a century of sports history at some of these schools. I mean, I pulled a UCLA Jackie Robinson basketball card last time. So I bought a couple more packs I spotted for 50 cents a piece. Boxes of these packs from lots of different schools are all over eBay usually for less than 10 bucks, I'm tempted to buy one and go for a set.

I love the look on Horace Grant's face here. It's like the photographer asked him to look at the camera.
Here's William "The Refrigerator" Perry posing next to a life size poster of himself. It says all 2,000 posters sold out in 30 hours.
I Just like this one for the pink jacket.

Here's what I got:

#5 Michael Dean Perry
#6 Larry Nance
#7 Steve Fuller
#8 Horace Grant
#146 Balloon Launch
#147 William Perry
#148 Jim Davis
#149 Jim Brennan

What it cost me: $ .50
Beckett max worth: $2.95

Insert odds I beat: none
Most valuable card: #8 Horace Grant @ $1.00

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