Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1988 O-Pee-Chee Baseball

I bought this one just for the gum.
Sweet George Brett beauty of a card!
This made me cry a little. The gum was stuck pretty well, so there was sure to be a little bit of card stuck to my yummy Canadian gum!
Mmm. It was soo worth it.

Here's what I got:

#1 Chris James
#19 Juan Samuel
#60 Rickey Henderson
#130 Buddy Bell
#195 Dan Quisenberry
#240 Lee Smith
#312 George Brett

What it cost me: $ .40
Beckett max worth: $1.50

Insert odds I beat: N/A
Most valuable card: #312 George Brett @ $.75


Dave said...

Those two cards of Brett and Henderson are awesome. Nice scans too. It really makes the set look pretty awesome.

I busted a pack of this not too long ago (late last summer) and had nowhere near the good fortune you did. My best card was probably Dale Murphy. After that I have no idea (probably Alvaro Espinoza or somebody like that, which tells you a lot).

Also, did you really eat the gum? I did! It dissolved within seconds.

packaddict said...

No, not really. But I've always wondered what would happen if someone did.. and you didn't keel over? Cool.

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