Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1992 Pro Set Football Series 1

Pro Set football was always a lot of fun. I pulled 9 player cards, 3 coaches, 1 ProBowl, 2 '91 Replays and a Newsreel card.

Here's a good shot of Jerry taking a nap. Jerry Glanville was famous for often leaving tickets at will-call for the late Elvis Presley. He's now the head coach of the Portland State University Vikings, just up the street from me.

This card documents the owners rejecting the use of instant replay for the 1992 season by a vote of 17-11!

Here's what I got:

#48 Week 12 Replay
#63 NFC Championship Replay
#75 Gary Clark
#99 Keith McKeller
#117 Jerry Glanville [coach]
#118 Neal Anderson
#119 Trace Armstrong
#126 Mike Ditka [coach]
#131 Tim Krumrie
#284 James Joseph
#294 Anthony Thompson
#310 Courtney Hall
#342 Sam Wyche [coach]
#344 Owners Reject Instant Replay
#393 Neil Smith [pro bowl]

What it cost me: $ .50
Beckett max worth: $1.20

Insert odds I beat: N/A
Most valuable card: #126 Mike Ditka [coach] @ $.25, #75 Gary Clark @ $.25

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