Sunday, December 28, 2008

eBay Fun

So after a long absence from eBay, I discovered I had 7 or 8 bucks still sitting in my paypal account. So I had to spend it! It's like free money not tied to the family budget! I searched for cheap singles which fell into my price range.. anything that caught my eye. I ended up with this nice Freddy Garcia auto from Topps' trading places set, which I always liked. One player on two different teams on one card! And the autograph.. well since I've only opened cheap packs all year and haven't bought any singles til now.. I have nearly zero autos in my collection. Hopefully Freddy can pull himself together and continue his great career and get signed after screwing the Phillies. This one cost me about $5.

After that I had a couple bucks left and I found this beauty. The Red Sox have possibly become my favorite team right now.. so Clemens and Dice-K on one card is cool. Flags on cards always get me too. But to top it off, anything having to do with the World Baseball Classic is fine with me! (I'm really excited about the 2009 tournement, even though I probably wont get a chance to see any of it.) (Go Puerto Rico!)

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