Monday, December 7, 2009

Sportlots Success! Part 1

First off, can anyone tell me if these images are sized ok on this page? I'm trying to blog from my phone and I'm not sure how they really look.

Last week I finally placed my first order on and I was able to complete 3 sets, 2008 Upper Deck X, 2000 Skybox Metal and 1995 Pinnacle Series 1. These 3 were just a few of the 10 or so I needed to complete the set. It took 3 half-price blasters and a handful of 99¢ packs from the supermarket. The last blaster I bought only gave me two base cards I needed, I was pissed.

A few months ago, I busted a cheap hobby box of these I found on eBay and only needed two more to finish the base set.

Oh wow. Almost two years ago, when I just got back into collecting, I was checking Craigslist daily for listings of free cards, and found this guy 15 miles away with a huge stack of 5000 count boxes to give away and I came away with 3! They were full of cards from the mid 90's like Pinnacle, Score and Upper Deck. This was the only one missing from this set.

Soon, I'll post the Ichiro and Drexler cards I picked up along with these.


Captain Canuck said...

the Guzman was sized okay, the others were a little on the small side.

packaddict said...

Thanks Captain! Hopefully that's better. My phone's browser must be at 640x480 so it's cutting off the pics on my side.

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