Friday, December 4, 2009

My Glorious Return?

Well I think I've found a way to start sharing my collecting addiction with the blogging world once again! I still don't have web access on my computer, but today I upgraded from my Blackberry Pearl to this new MyTouch thing from Android. Very nice so far. Finally I have something that can work the internet pretty decently, even though the browser won't open the stupid keyboard on Blogger's "New Post" screen, but there's an app for that! Along with Photobucket's app, I think I can get by without too much toil. We shall see.
A lot has happened since I last posted. The damned won the World Series, and.. other stuff. I've been buying a lot of Updates and Highlights, or is it Highlights and Updates? Also American Heritage Heroes Edition and (crap, this app just crashed) '08 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. I also just placed my first order on to complete my first hand collated sets since I decided I was a set collector back in January! Yeah, that's sad but I'm poor. Those sets are '08 Upper Deck X (poor people LIKE X!) and 2000 Skybox Metal. I'd like to become more involved in trading, so I'll be posting better trade bait from now on. I still have my haves and wants posted down there on the right, but the for trade list is pretty much just a list of my doubles, few hits, if any. Well, let's see if this thing crashes again.

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