Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Topps 206 Retail Pack Rip HIT!

I love it when there's a reason, any reason, to stop at the supermarket to pick up bread, milk or whatever. This particular time, my wife ran in and grabbed me a pack along with the groceries. She seems to have some kind of intuition with picking packs and she bought my last retail pack that had a hit in it. These are scans of my first 206 pack, and I was thrilled with this nice little hit which I've put on the bottom here.

This Johnny Mize is sweet but it makes me think, is this my first and only Johnny Mize card?

This is the standard Piedmont back mini. All of the different mini back's variations and rarities make ripping this set a ton of fun! My lucky charm wife bought my third and latest pack of this stuff for me yesterday and inside was a Cycle back mini of Cliff Lee #'d to 99! I'll get a pic up here soon.

And here's the big hit! Mat Gamel. Don't know who this guy is yet but I'll be watching for him now.



Even the Mize and Johnson made it a nice pack ! Great pull, hope he becomes a star!

G_Moses said...

Can't beat a rookie auto out of a retail pack. Congrats.

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