Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Box Break: 1997 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Series 1

Having been out of touch with this hobby for something like 14 years, I guess I'm lucky to be able to go and pick up a box of 1997 Stadium Club for $11 and be thrilled as if it was a brand new set because it's new to ME! Only 1 disappointment I came across.. I was hoping to pull a wooden Firebrand insert and when I did, it was an expired redemption for a Mark McGwire which was NOT wooden.. sure I could go on eBay and pick one up for a buck but.. bleh.

I'll show my top 10 personal favorites:

Did you know Doc ended his career with a 194-112 record?! I'm not a Yankees fan but I do remember loving it when he and Strawberry were reunited as teammates once again.

Here's Smoltzie the year after he easily won the Cy Young for having a 24-8 season with 294 K's!

Paul Molitor nearing the end of his Hall of Fame career.

This card looks horrible in this scan, and really, it doesn't look much better in person. Why would they make a card commemorating someone hitting their 50th career home run after they've been playing for 9 years? Why is this card my #7? Because I like Mr. Anderson and there aren't too many inserts in this box. The Instavisions were listed at 1:36 packs! Did you know he played most of the '97 season with a broken rib and led his pennant winning Orioles in 13 offensive categories? He led the league in hit-by-pitches too.. with a broken rib I bet that freaked him out every time.

This subset had some great stars in their rookie years. They were put in 1:3 packs.

Eddie is always cool with me.

Jr's '97 season was one of his best, if not THE best. He earned an AL MVP and hit 56 HRs that year. Was he juiced? I don't think so. I really hope and beleive Griffey's talent was genuine. He's always come across as real to me.

These Matrix parallels look awesome and I'm glad I pulled one of a player I know and like! Odds were 1:18 packs.

Darryl is my favorite player. Problems and all, I remember him as an impressive powerful hitter who really helped me fall in love with the game as a kid. He couldn't do much in '97 due to injuries.. and of course, that's why the Yankees didn't make it to the World Series that year.

I got a couple complete sets of checklist so I actually used some!

Coming soon! I've got a box of 1997 Best Prospects to break! 18 packs of minor leaguers turned superstars for only 6 bucks!


Bud said...

That Brady Anderson was for his 50th HR of the season, not his career. He became the first player ever with 50 HRs and 20 SBs that season. I'm also fairly certain he never used steroids.

packaddict said...

Wow, that's amazing! He must've switched hitting coaches or watched an instructional video or something..

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