Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blaster Break: 2009 Press Pass Football pack 7 & 8 of 8

Alright, let's finish off this blaster. Here's pack #7:

..and then 2 more duplicates of #73 Knowshon Moreno and #94 Chase Daniel & Jeremy Maclin.

Pack #8:

At first I thought I had 2 of the same card in the same pack but then I noticed the different colored foil in the bottom left.

And that does it. And to sum it all up..

Cost: $19.99
8 packs w/ 4 cards per pack for
32 cards
0 hits
2 "Banner Season" inserts w/ 1:4 pack odds
1 short print w/ 1:4 pack odds
2 damaged cards
1 extra card

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

The Juaquin card looks pretty cool. Actually all of the cards look pretty nice, I might have to try and collect that set.

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