Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Packs of Kindness via Tribecards

One of the first things I learned about the online trading card community, when I getting into it almost 2 years ago, was the immense generousity between other bloggers and collectors. It amazes me that someone would spend 9 bucks on postage to mail a complete stranger a bunch of free stuff and expect nothing in return. David over at "Indians, Baseball Cards, and Random Wax" (AKA Tribecards?) was, and I think still is, giving away some "Random Packs of Kindness" to anyone who wanted them. Seeing the many, many happy people with their thankful responses, I asked for a couple of packs myself. I was only expecting a small package with 2 or 3 packs, but what arrived was a large bubble mailer filled with 5 good sized packs of cards, several oversized cards and even one of those old Topps folders I had when I was in the 4th grade! Each pack had roughly 50 cards per pack, mostly baseball with a tad randomness too. Each pack seemed to have 1 "hit" too, which was was either a serial numbered, auto or memorabilia card! Some of the randomness included 1an old 1991 WCW card feauturing a very hairy Dutch Manetell. I also found a 1985 Goonies movie sticker card, a T2 movie card, a Simpsons CCG card and a ZatchBell CCGcard.Here's a couple of scans of my favorites. I'm trying to complete the American Heritage set, but unfortunatly I already have that one.
The Tony Armas (Jr.) card is an autograph. The '87 Topps Steve Fireovid card is cool because I recently decided I wanted to collect cards featuring Mariners wearing the old trident M logo uniforms worn from 1977 to 1986. I decided this after drooling over the vintage style hats and t-shirts at Safeco Field this summer. Very cool! What's wierd is I used to think they were ugly as heck! I hope the M's uniforms from 1987 to 1992 don't start looking nice because those were really ugly!

The Pujols was a nice surprise because it was on my needs list.. *scratch*!

Anyways, thanks very much Mr. Tribecards! I will try and go through my stack of Indians cards and match them up to your needs list to see if I can mail you a brick or two myself.

As for fellow collector's generousity, my next post will probably be on my other blog, 1969 Topps, showcasing some more free cards!

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--David said...

LOL, glad you enjoyed the cards!! I love handing out cards as much as getting them. :-)

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