Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2009 Press Pass Football

Boy was I happy to see the card merchandiser doing his thing at my local supermarket yesterday after what seemed like months of no action. This store gets stuff in, but the rampant theft and pack searching really puts a damper on my options after just a few days. He put out some packs of '09 Goudey, '09 Press Pass Football and Press Pass Kiss trading cards. I took a Goudey and a Press Pass but no Kiss for me. I am not a fan.

After seeing them for myself, I'm going to agree with most of the other bloggers out there, Goudey is just plain ugly this year. I probably wont buy any more of it. Press Pass on the other hand was really nice.. great design, use of foil, nice inserts and parallels. I would consider completing this set if I didn't have so much else going on.

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