Friday, May 29, 2009

1996 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 baseball

I picked up this pack out of a stack of 4-for-a-buck packs, among other deals I found up at an antique store I will definitely be going back to on the Oregon coast. This is the first I've seen of Stadium Club of this year and it looks so good, I just might have to go looking for a box! The eight cards in this pack included 3 insert cards and 3 hall of famers (plus 1 future HOF). I'm stoked!

The scan does not do this one justice as it is a beautiful foil card.

This one could have been part of the Topps Laser series.

This also suffers a scanner injustice. The wrapper says these are "double foil stamped". Sure looks nice.

The other 3 cards pulled were #315 Rusty Greer, #382 Mark Lemke and #425 Gregg Jefferies

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