Thursday, February 7, 2008

2004 Playoff Honors Baseball pack 2

Okay, now why would they make an insert set called "Prime Signatures" and make the card look like the autographed sticker fell off the front of the card?! I pulled this Jim Rice insert thinking I was the unluckiest guy in the world, to pull an autograph that wasn't signed. Turns out it's supposed to be like that with the big blank space on the bottom. #@!*%!!
Here's what I got:

#44 Brendan Harris
#86 Chris Burke
#152 Jim Thome
#176 Shigetoshi Hasegawa

#PS-26 Jim Rice [insert, 320/2500]

Pack Stats:

What it cost me: $ 1.40

Beckett NM/MT worth: $4.80

Insert odds I beat: N/A
Most valuable card: #PS-26 Jim Rice [insert, 320/2500] @ $3.00

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