Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Repack Blaster: 7th Inning Stretch

Well, on my third night of trying to get 7 good scans out of my scanner, I have succeeded, and now I can blog!

I'm a repack sucker, and I usually give most repacks a chance. These have been staring back at me from the bottom shelf at the local supermarket for a month or two, no other new products lately so I caved. At first after I busted it, I was heavily disappointed, mostly because I didn't think they lived up to the list they put on the side of the box, and for another reason I'll explain later on.

The list says "One sealed box of 20 cards or more!" and this is that. +13! Snap! I'm happy about these because I don't have 'em! I was a little sad Darryl Strawberry wasn't in the set though.The box says "One Beckett graded card!". Nice card, not a common, and this prospect is still in the farms with some promise and a chance! I'm not very knowledgable on grading services but isn't BCCG kind of an unofficial Beckett grading service?

The box says "One superstar card of Pujols, A-Rod, Jeter & more!", "One authentic rookie card!" and "One game-used or autograph card!". The Renteria swatch is nice, but don't go on thinking it's from a Red Sox jersey, it's from a Cardinals jersey! But really, who can tell.
The box says "One rare insert valued at $15 or higher!". Now, at first, I was pissed because I had no idea at first glance that this card was the $15 card. I thought they were trying to pass off the Jeter card for the rare insert! Sure enought though, this one books at a Beckett high value of $15.

The back shows only his 1989 season's stats with 301 K's, and his career stats with 5714 K's! Did you know that out of the 807 games he pitched in, he completed 222 of them?!And then some more confusion which I still haven't figured out. The box says "One major manufacturer sealed pack!" and they gave me 2008 UD Series 2. The pack says 8 cards, but there were only 5. It was sealed. Nowhere on the pack does it say there would be less cards if I got any inserts or anything like that so WTF. And this isn't the first time I've been cheated out of cards in packs from this repack company, but they were always older wax which had obviously been gone through. So I ask you this? Does the Fairfield Company buy up rejected and unsellable packs from the major manufacturers to put them in their repacks? Does anyone really care though...

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